Monday, 4 June 2007


Isn't this scary?

I've had my blog page set up for ages now but it has taken me this long to pluck up the courage to actually blog!! I was spurred on by a friend of mine who has just started too so maybe we are blogging buddies!

I'm sure it will grow as I get used to it and won't take me quite so long either!

I've just had a whole week by myself as Murray took Frank and Ted off up to Scotland to visit Gran and Grandpa. Whist they had a good time I spent the first few days not knowing what to do with myself! It was like a big part of me was missing. No rushing around after work to pick up, homework, spelling, times table, reading and piano practise to fit in between cooking tea, bath etc!

I'm just not used to having soo much time to myself!
I have to say I didn't do much!

I made tea cosies!

I've just started another one which will be a New England style house with trees. I do love embroidery it is very calming. The one in the first picture on the left I did when I had a really bad headache - not self inflicted through alcohol - sadly! And it is my favourite so I'm keeping that one!!


The List Writer said...


Love the tea cosies! And your flickr photos are great - the one of Ted 'in' the beach is very disturbing - but in a cool way iykwim!

Well done on starting the blog - I shall be checking in regularly now :o)

S said...

Love the Blog, you may inspire me to start my own!

Interested to know what colour you think I am (say Orange and I'll kill you hehe).