Thursday, 28 June 2007

I love the colour of blueberry muffins..

I love the colour in blueberry muffins.
It almost looks mouldy but has a fantastic blue/grey hue that also has some 'bite' to it.
No pun intended there!

I was always asked to give colour 'some bite' even though the colour was quite a dark moody colour.
I like these colours.
Aubergines have a good 'bite'.
Of course colour is different to everyone and no two people see the same.

Colours for film and television have to have a lot taken on board when decided colours. Who is the person wearing them? What is their skin/hair colour? What is the mood that is being portrayed? What is going on around them?
What sort of film is being used, some make even very grey blues appear very piercing blue. Is it outdoors or indoors? What sort of lighting?
A great film for colour and mood is 'The Cook The Thief His Wife and her Lover.' Visually it is amazing although the story is a bit nasty in a bullying way.
Try getting 2 colours that appear the same in one light then wonder round the house and garden and you will see them change from each other, warm to cool colours depending on the light.
So my job was quite tough and in the winter when the daylight faded in the afternoon it made a lot of colour matching impossible. You would come in the next day to something quite different!
A designer once left a note saying that this leaf was the colour sample please dye to this. Trouble was the 'green' leaf she had left had turned 'brown' so was of course matched perfectly but utterly wrong!


The List Writer said...

Two posts in two days - blimey! I love the colour of blueberry muffins too. Especially the way the blueberries change colour when you cook them.

Tasty too...

me said...

Have my next one nearly ready too! But am pacing myself!

Pinkie Cupcake said... that a home made BM or a Starbucks one?!