Monday, 11 June 2007

To camp or not to camp

It's M's Birthday on Thursday and we have bought him a tent!

He hasn't had any say in what sort of tent but I have done my homework and found a very good 6 man/3 bedroomed tent that had the added benefit of being reduced! 2 bedrooms for people and one for all the clothes and stuff!

Trouble is I'm dithering about whether I'd want to camp it. Murray, Frank and Ted are very keen and were given lots of camping gear for Christmas - I received Boden vouchers. Which I think you'll agree is a pretty good pressie!!

Yes, in my head there is this perfect scene of great location, sea, sand, glorious weather, NO insects of any sort and nice toilets and showers! Is it possible?

We also bought M. a fab book which I keep putting my nose in and reading.
The Happy Campers by Tess Carr and Kat Heyes.
It is a great book which has fab pictures, recipes, games, making has it all! And I soo want the crocheted blanket in the pictures!

You know what?
I've talked myself into giving it a go! I can always come home!


The List Writer said...

You should have a look at one of the Cool Camping books by Jonathan Knight as well. I got the Wales one at the weekend and now want to go to every single site. The photos and write-ups are so beguiling I defy you not to give it a go!

N. xx

me said...

I have the England one and have been swaying ever since! They have the yurts in there too!
Might have to go to Borders now.....camping books, coffee and hopefully a lemon and poppy sead muffin! Oh and just got my flickr badge to work - was doing it all wrong! DOH!

The List Writer said...

PS - Caerfai Bay campsite in Wales definitely has "great location, sea, sand, glorious weather, NO insects of any sort and nice toilets and showers!". Go to their website at Pitches B1 to B6 are the most scenic.