Saturday, 14 July 2007

Colours I love

Everyone has a favourite colour, so what's yours?
I like lots of colours! No surprise there! But probably favour those greens! From the browny sludge greens through to the bright moss green. Colour depends on what other colours are going on around them. So you might love a particular shade of colour but next to some other colour it can change it dramatically.

Choosing paint colours when decorating I find really hard because..

  • I am really fussy!
  • what looks good on the charts means something entirely different on the walls!
  • the colour in my head isn't always the colour I choose.

Colours should always be chosen without any others getting in the way unless they are a group of colours but then there is always a predominately base or strong colour so this usually rules what goes on! Light has a massive impact on colour especially when choosing for rooms. What looks good outside can look downright dowdy inside. So depending on your natural light you sometimes have to choose a colour you wouldn't dream of!

I find colour combinations really cool. One colour can look so different depending on what colour is lying next to it.

Try staring at a colour for a couple of minutes then stare at a white wall or piece of paper and you will see the opposite colour.

This sounds bizarre I know but I once stared at a flashing red light on the phone and after a short time in those gaps when the red light was off I saw green!

Some colours I love!

I really like the colours going on in the background

Ollie's nose! Her eyes are fab too but she didn't want her photo taken!

Red and green should never be seen without a colour in between.....why?

I love this palest pink climbing rose in our garden.

Great colour combination - pink and green

The greens are all so lovely but I think I love the colour and texture of the top of the seed head.

Again good background colour but great repeated pattern!

Handweavers....hmmmm go just to touch and stroke!!

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helle said...

The poppy seed head is gorgeous. The grey-green is my favourite colour. Looks very pretty with an olivy- chartreuse.
What a lovely cat.