Monday, 2 July 2007

My weekend....

was one spent at home!

The weather was such a mixed bag that it felt good to be at home and potter!

Although I did go out to my favourite shop Just Between Friends to buy some fabric to back my quilt. They had lots of ladies there on a course and I wished I had signed up to join them!

Anyway, after lots of help from Carol I finally chose my fabric, sweet potato pie! All I have to do now is put it all together!

In the afternoon we went to Ikea to buy 'stuff' for camping!
F+T chose a fleece blanket each, F's is a bright green and T. chose...? Yep - bright yellow! It hurts to look at it! We bought some cooking utensils, can opener, corkscrew, candles, towels and pillows.

Sunday again was a lazy day. The boys took Maizie out for a long walk really early and came home for breakfast. Home baked pikelets that M. had baked the day before.

T. didn't feel that well and I don't know why. He complained of a headache but had no other symptoms. So dosed on Neurofen he lounged watching t.v. I still don't know if it was a ploy to do so!

We decided to go out for lunch and were heading towards Gastrodome when I spied a child in The Cuckfield!!! So we sat with our Sunday papers and F+T with their comics and enjoyed our lunch. I had the best ever Sunday lunch - a fish finger sandwich!

Ted still wasn't feeling great and didn't eat any of his home made shepherds pie, so I helped!

My friend Nancy will be very pleased to hear the news that children are allowed in The Cuckfield! All we need is a good day to try out the garden - which because of the new laws it will probably become a smoking garden.

Home to tidy the house (sort of) and get all our camping gear in one place as opposed to here and there! And watch The Lion King on DVD!

The weekend is now over, F+T are in school and I'm about to go and hoover upstairs and then carry on with my quilt!

More about that later!

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