Wednesday, 1 August 2007

The verdict on camping...

I love it!
It was a great campsite, lots of space and they delivered a whole barrel of wood for your campfire - really needed it at night time as it was freezing!
F+T loved it and had a great time in their den!
Even the toilets and showers were OK! Although I need to work out how not to stand on the wet floor whilst getting dry and dressed and without putting my towel on the floor - which is what I really wanted to do! I'm thinking of taking my very own mini bath mat!
There was so much stuff to pack in the car! It was squeezed in every bit of the car and poor F+T were sardines in the back. It didn't matter as the minute we hit the A12 they fell asleep - bad news at 5.30! Ted is still on his quest to stay up till midnight - I don't know what he's really expecting but he didn't make it, only just though!

The nights were weird as you can hear so much going on around you. The first night I was paranoid someone was going to come into our tent! Kept hearing zippers go and convinced it was ours!!
It did rain but through the night on Sunday and we woke to a lovely sunny morning.

Saturday night they rounded all the kids up in the middle of the field and got them to count down from 10. They then threw out hundreds of glow sticks. it was truly an amazing sight as all you could see was what appeared to be glowing worms moving about! Hard to describe really! They also gave out connectors so the glow sticks could then be made into bracelets, necklaces and big hoola hoops. Our tent was adorned with them which made Frank very happy indeed!

We went out during the day to the beaches - Dunwich, Southwold and Aldersburgh. All really nice seaside places to go and nice shops and galleries to look around!

We are off again this Friday to a different campsite which is right on the Dover cliffs with access down to the beach!

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