Tuesday, 9 October 2007

crafting monday

I spent Monday at my friend Sharon's house being very creative.

We were making things to sell for our schools bring and buy sale in November, some very cool bunting x 4 and some very cute children's aprons also x 4! We also made a couple of stuffed hearts and some beach huts which somehow led us to the name of our new formed business - 'Wonky Bunting'! From memory it was because we both sewed the hanging loop in wonky!
I think it's a great name!

That doesn't sound much but a school day is a short one and drinking cups of coffee, tea and quaffing cake doesn't help!
Also Sharon in her domestic goddess mode made split pea and ham soup for lunch and had already made the bread!!!
Thanks Sharon!
It was very YUM!

I had also done some washing at Sharon's too but I still had a huge bag in the car so stopped off at the launderette on the way home after picking F+T up from school.

It has been a very long time since I went to the launderette and they haven't changed a bit!!

Why are they so dated? Great machines though! There was nowhere to sit apart from a very narrow bench - which was meant really for baskets of washing. However I did get a very nice back massage on the spin cycles!! They should have some comfy chairs to relax in while spending your time reading etc

Frank LOVED being there but Ted was bored, bored, bored by it all. Despite my trying to fill the time with reading homework, making up games by watching our washing etc. He ended up on my mobile playing games!

Using all these different washing machines - OK 4 so far! has led me to think that everyone has there own smell - which is obvious but what I mean is by their choice in washing powder etc. I now have clothes that smell like and remind me off those people. Which sounds incredibly weird and maybe creepy!! I often think my washing never smells of anything and so switch to another brand.

I think that is a bit weird that I am now seeing people as colours and their choice in washing powder!!

However, I will not be collecting it!!


Garden girl said...

Hello- you are both very clever, I love the hearts, bunting and aprons. You should definitely set up in business- I am desperate to buy some bunting! I love looking at your blog, and discovered it via Nancys'so keep it up!
Re: washing smells, I am a big fan of lavender laundry water,v.cheap from tesco and smells fabulous!

Pinkie Cupcake said...

What are you like?! You should have done all your washing here! It was a great day and I'm looking forward to the next one. Am going to IKEA for some stripy fabric, and searching ebay to look for some more "vintage"! Long live Wonky Bunting!!! I agree with you about washing smells - we have recently switched to Fairy Liquid Tabs and they are stronger than the powder. However I bought some Sainsburys Aloe Vera today so will be sniffing that out later. Going to try Lavender Laundry Water as well, sounds divine!

The List Writer said...

You have been stashing those fabrics for years, Madam!!! We bought those at IKEA when I was pregnant with O - who turns 5 next week! She has the paisley one on cushions in her room, and the sailboat one is on my apron. Top marks to Sharon for spotting that one in one of my pictures :o)

Can we see the wonky bunting?

The List Writer said...

Oh, and love the idea of your clothes all smelling different. Know exactly what you mean - when Janine gives me clothes for O, they always smell like Janine clothes!

I use persil tablets and comfort fabric conditioner. Completely loyal and would never change brand. Very odd. See my recent post on control freakery - should have added that to my list. Hmmmm