Saturday, 6 October 2007


This week has been a 'lost' week.
I have been feeling very stressed, not sleeping very well and seem to have a permanent headache.

This is my lost list.
  • lost washing machine
  • lost pe bag with uniform in
  • lost homework book
  • lost hot water - didn't make it to the tank!
  • lost electricity in kitchen and back room which also included..
  • lost hot water again!
  • lost computer - no leccy!

It has all been found again apart from the washing machine which will remain lost for a good while yet. I have been washing at Mum and Dad's whilst they were away and super kind friends have done the odd wash for me.

We also 'sort of' lost Maizie Moo (AKA Moo Moo). She has had a two week holiday at Ken and Jean's who are her groomers - that sounds really posh but she is a miniature schnauzer and needs it!

She's looking really shaggy and I can't find a photo of her with a fresh haircut so will show you another day!

We have really missed her and the house isn't the same without her.

I have been busy tho! Although I think it is my way to chill and calm down!!

I have been making my Christmas cards - which sounds a little early but when you see what I'm up to I'm sure you will understand how long it is taking me! Of course I can't actually show you what I've done but this is a sneak preview!

This is a funky chicken I made for my friend Nancy. Notice that I have used blue - not a shade I usually go for but I then had to add my green!!

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