Monday, 19 November 2007

busy, busy, busy

I have been wanting to write for a while but have not had much time. Life is suddenly very busy and there just isn't time for me!
We are still living with builders -
'When will you finish?'
'When I am done'
One of my favourite film quotes from The Agony and Ecstasy.

Work has also been busy. With Christmas round the corner we are inundated with groups of babies for hand and foot prints. The kiln is straining!

I have also been busy helping to organise the Bring and Buy sale at F+T's school. We have just formed the Parent Committee Forum so it's a bit of a learning curve! However there is just a small group of us doing all the work which is quite straining!

I have been making lots of stuff for the B+B as Sharon and I will have a craft stall - although we also have to man the face painting!!

I am making my little niece a quilt for Christmas. I hope they like it! It isn't finished yet but i will let you know when it is!

After the hectic weekend I ended my Sunday by making myself an Artsy clutch from Amy Karol's book Bend the Rules Sewing. I had been dying to make it for ages and something happened this week to spur me on!

I have also been knitting - yet again attempting!
I am knitting another scarf and am doing it in a rib - a very good practice on doing different stitches and also learning to 'read' what stitch you should be doing just by looking at what you have just knitted! It's going quite well so far.

My Artsy Clutch is for keeping my knitting in. I have been carrying my knitting around with me but this week I have lost one of my red needles! It must be somewhere and I need to do a proper search but I'm a bit upset as they are old needles and I really loved them.

So if you find a red knitting needle anywhere - it's mine!


Garden girl said...

wow- I love your christmas tree decorations, they are fab! I have just taken up knitting and am three balls of sparkly grey wool into a scarf..think I need another two balls though!(I am going for a Dr Who length scarf!)

The List Writer said...

I am obsessed with the Amy Karol book and am carrying it everywhere I go. It is just full of beautiful things.

Pinkie Cupcake said...

Love your trees. I will post a piccie of mine later, it's so funny how we interpret things differently! Got to finish my bags too...oh, and some more hearts. Better get off the computer I think!