Thursday, 22 November 2007

twin thing

Maybe it's a twin thing but F+T love to sleep together.
We have had to restrict it to weekends only though as they were waking up too tired for school! I don't think they slept well probably due to a foot in the face!
After all there isn't much room in a single bed for two nearly 8 year olds plus all their 'friends' - cuddly toys to you!

Last weekend we said maybe it would be best if we pulled their sofa bed out and then they would have more room. This kind of back fired on us, as it just meant there was more room for their friends!

apologies for the poor lighting/photography conditions!

Have you spotted Ollie cat?
No, she didn't sleep on the bed all night - she just happened to be there on both occasions and in the same place!


Pinkie Cupcake said...

Now I've seen their friend collection, I'm no longer worried about ours! ;-)

I jest...ours is about the same, with more in the loft and at Nana's house. What is it about soft toys!

I hope they didn't buy anymore yesterday!

me said...

Frank went off and bought a horrid blue 'first teddy bear'!!
Was not happy!