Monday, 23 June 2008

the best weekend

We went camping (or rather glamping) to a Featherdown Farm at Bouncers Farm. It was a surprise for M'd Birthday the weekend before. How we kept it a secret I do not know but F+T did brilliantly!
It was totally brilliant and it's a shame we have no holiday left this year as we want to go again!
It's like camping but you have lots more! Proper beds, a toilet, running cold water and best of all a wood burning stove to cook on and to keep warm.
F+T LOVED their 'bedroom' which was a cupboard! And were hatching plans to empty out their wardrobe to recreate one at home...hmm not quite the same!
I loved our bedroom too as it felt like one big four poster with curtains! Trouble was that the cupboard bedroom had a back door that led into our bedroom too!!

There were some hiccups tho. F. stumbled during a bicker with T. onto the basket of wood and then onto the stove. I have never moved so fast in all my life! I picked him up and ran to the tap pushing his arm under the cold water. Poor thing is now sporting a 4" burn up the inside of his arm by his elbow. He went to school bravely but you'd have thought he'd broken his arm!
That same day he came down the hill and was then stung by nettles!
'This is the worst day of my life!' he screamed.

Other than all that we had a great time. We were very good at lighting the stove - a mixture of charcoal, wood and kindling works the best with the help of a fire lighter of course! The minute it was lit we always filled the enormous kettle with water to stock up on hot water for coffee and washing up! Although the first morning we had no wood left so M. decided to just light the stove with charcoal....bad news, don't ever do this as it sets the smoke alarm off!

Ann, who runs the farm, showed F+T were the chickens hid their eggs in the barns and we had them for breakfast! The eggs not the chickens!
We went out on a horse drawn carriage around the villages.

This is the little piglet that kept escaping from the pig pen and would come and see us hoping for food! Which she always got! Couldn't get a good picture as she wouldn't keep still and if you stood in front of her too long she'd snuffle you and attempt to push you over!!

Featherdown Farming reminded me of Little House on the Prairie and made me want to plait my hair!


Garden girl said...

Hurray! well done, your pics bought back lovely memories. Lovely to see that you had a good time, despite the poor arm incident! We set the smoke alarm off too...oops. Lovely that they make it so 'easily' accessible too...x

Macpurp said...

that looks fab!
hope everyone is well now xx