Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Summer is here - woo hoo!

Sadly, I'm not good in the heat and seem to wilt and feel as if I'm burning instantly! I may be a brunette but I don't have the skin to go with it - just pale and freckly, which would rather take on a bright shade of pink than anything golden!

F+T are in their 3rd week of the summer hols and we have been enjoying life at home this week - with the odd outing to buy last minute holiday stuff, haircuts etc. F. had to have his locks sorted out this morning. He has had such bodged haircuts done in the past that I took him to my hairdresses in Wanstead, where the lovely Lauren cut his hair.
It looks soo much better but it does have that 'just done' look about it and needs a few days! Or maybe I'm not used to looking at him with salon coiffed hair!
We are off to Puglia, Italy on Saturday for a week and are all very excited. I have started getting stuff together but suddenly had a panic attack that I haven't got enough. I always get this and end up throwing more stuff in only never to wear it! So I'm trying to pack a capsule wardrobe but am failing fast!!
Yes, it's going to be hot, hot, hot but at least there is a pool and the sea to cool down in!
Is the lobster look in?

A few Saturdays ago the school choir sang at their teachers wedding. It was amazing and I'm afraid I blubbed like a baby the minute they started! They sang 'You Raise Me Up' and 'I Will Follow Him'. Miss Cumber (now Mrs Fenn) teaches the choir and also Year 4, so she will be F+T's teacher in September. They are very excited to be having her as their teacher and so am I!!


Macpurp said...

they are both so grown up looking, i love the choir picture!
have a fab holiday from sun burnt, usually blue person!

Garden Girl said...

ahh, what a beautiful bride! How exciting, off to Italy, can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. And if you do perfect the art of a capsule wardrobe I think you should blog on it! 'They' always make it look so simple in magazines etc. but I have never managed it, unfortunately. If I had a bottomless pit of money i think I would find it easier though...have a wonderful time!x