Monday, 10 November 2008

any ideas?

I need your help!
Miss Cupcake and I have our annual stall at the schools Bring + Buy sale!
Due to lack of time (posts will be here soon! I promise!) we need to make some quick, slightly mass produced things.
They can be anything!
My list so far is
  • Quilted Xmas decs (stars, trees etc)
  • Children's aprons and maybe adults too
  • Doorstops (have made some for CB - will show soon!)
  • Hearts
  • Crochet corsages
  • Argghh....don't know!

Oh and it's in just over a weeks time!!

Argghh again!


Adrienne said...

These frogs were so fast to make - I didn't even use the beans - I just stuffed it with polly fill ...

Some satchels filled with lavender/flax seed would be easy to whip up and embroider a nice little "joy" "hope" etc on them ... happy sewing!

lou said...

What about some pretty little bags, some nice ribbon around the tops, and put some sweets in them. Or maybe some pin cushions. Good luck! xx

periwinkle said...

coasters ot napkin rings perhaps - good luck
lisa x

Things Hand Made said...

I was thinking needle cases and pin cushions. Skinny scarves from nice yarn? How about paper chain garlands but made from fabric? Might try that one myself. Lavender bags often go well. Make a yo-yo/suffolk puff, fill with lavender and add a button and a loop of ribbon. Those wheatie bag things that people put on the micro wave? Hope that helps. Email me if you need patterns etc.

Things Hand Made said...

ooh just thought how about eye masks, you know for relaxation?

Kitschen Pink said...

aaaargghh! Open a bottle of wine quick! t.x