Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I know

I know, I know. Where did I go?
If only I did go somewhere!
No dear reader, I'm still here just everything went a little mad and suddenly it has all come to an abrupt stop! And I'm left wondering what happened!

Our school Bring + Buy was last week and went ok. Pinkie and I have promised each other - never, ever again tho! We did sell stuff but not as much as I'd have liked. A Bring and Buy sale isn't the best place to sell your homemade wares when everything around you costs no more than 50p! So Wonky Bunting will be laid to rest until a better place comes about!

This weekend we also had M's Mum and Dad staying with us, down from Scotland. We haven't seen them for nearly a year so it was lovely to spend time with them and for F+T, who were very excited that they were staying.

Gran made sure F+T practised their piano and had a little play herself. I think she misses her piano! Here she is doing a duet with F.

We spent Saturday, freezing ourselves, along Southbank having a mooch around the Christmas market after having lunch at the Oxo Tower. Then back home to warm up and watch Strictly!!

Sunday we had more family around....lunch for 10! It was lovely, we stuffed ourselves and had lots to drink! Afterwards we all played Uno Extreme which was great fun and I won!

So suddenly I'm not sure what to do with my hands!
Just what shall I start making?
  • quilt for F?
  • guilt for T?
  • half started walled garden/veggie patch quilt?
  • the clothkits Rob Ryan skirt that I dyed and is ready to go?
  • some felting? - I have an urge!
  • recover the piano stool?

But this brings more questions! What to cover it with. I could felt it (help with the urge!) but I'm worried it will pill too much. I had thought to do some crewel work onto some linen after reading the New Crewel book ages ago. I'm torn!

And I haven't even started making the Christmas cards yet!


Things Hand Made said...

Nice to see you back! What a nice decision to have! I am just trying to sort out all that need doing for the festive season! Then I plan to start some quilts!

The List Writer said...

Clothkits...Clothkits...go on!

Ragged Roses said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog. it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Sometimes my head fills like it's going to burst with all the things that need to be made and I want to make. Good luck with your list!

periwinkle said...

whenever I make a list I always end up doing something that isn't on it !! Good luck
lisa x

Lou said...

Saw your comment on Florence's blog.

You can buy the spool holders here:-


But I don't think you can buy international on Joann.
The alternative is to have someone ship it to you from the USA. I don't know where you can buy them in the UK.

Hope this helps.