Monday, 29 December 2008

red + ginger

We did lots of baking before Christmas. We made lots of bread, cheesy stars, pretzels and gingerbread's. I cheated and used IKEA's already mixed gingerbread. F+T helped to cut out and make the gingerbread's and then decorate them! Can you see the two little gingerbread ladies with their pinny's in the picture? (one in green pinny and the other a Cath kidston one!) I did those for the List Writer and we enjoyed eating them with a cup of tea!

But the best and yet most scary was the Red Velvet Cake! A whole bottle of red food dye was used!! But it tasted really good and gave everyone a surprise when cut on Christmas Day! I made a gingerbread crooked house to decorate the top. I say crooked because that's the way it was going! But I think it looked very cute with the Lego people including a chef and cat! Our version of Hansel and Gretal!

Melting sugar to 'glue' the house together was quite disturbing. It dam well hurts and takes yonks to melt! F+T loved picking the dropped cooled bits off the bread board and eating. I learnt not to rush and attempt to clean the pan straight away - nothing like a good soak and it all simply washed away. Which was a relief as M. was looking on concerned!

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Claudette said...

Your cake looks divine! I keep thinking if I look at your blog enough then I will eventually get crafty...your photos are so lovely.