Monday, 12 January 2009

cobwebs and red shoes

Firstly, before I whittle on, can I just say Thank You to your replies in the last post. I feel very touched and you are all very kind - even though a few of you made me cry!!

Before our world all returned to chaos of work and school we went for a huge walk in Epping Forest ending with a pub lunch - nothing like a walk on a frosty morning to shake away those cobwebs!
Ted hugging his favourite tree
Building a den

Desolate in Epping

Fungal with great colours!

Good things right now.

  • I love wrapping my huge Dr Who length scarf around and around my neck so it covers my ears!
  • Knitting, have just finished a scarf for myself - was going for the Dr Who length but the 3 balls wasn't quite enough!
  • Wearing skirts and boots.
  • Polishing off all the Christmas chocolates!
  • The turkey has long gone but the last of the ham was made into pea and ham soup - Christmas is officially over!

    Good colour match!

I even mastered knitting moss stitch (or seed stitch in some books) so did big bands of moss stitch either end of the scarf with just a knit stitch in between. I feel I have had enough practice at all this knitting and need to accomplish more than scarves now!

This is my new little friend, Rosie. Mum bought her for me for Christmas. She had seen me coo over her at the Country Living Christmas Fair and secretly bought her behind my back!

I love her shoes!!


periwinkle said...

love your forest pics - my kind of place definately. Good work on the scarf - have you joined Ravelry - loads of free patterns. Your rabbit is just gorgeous too
lisa x

Macpurp said...

this is a lovely collection of pics, the boys, tree, your knitting and bunnys! what more could you ask for?

how's things going selling CB?

much love teen xxx

Angelfruit said...

Lovely photographs - I'm loving skirts with boots too!

Dawn xxx

Di said...

I love Rosie's shoes too! I have one of the Maileg Christmas pixies with his little knitted waistcoat and stripy trousers - he gets to stay out all year!