Friday, 2 January 2009

So another year! Hasn't this year gone by so very quickly?
Any thoughts on what this year will bring/throw at you?
I'm hoping for big changes with the main one being a buyer for C.B. We put it up for sale before Christmas. I know in this climate it isn't the best time to do such things but somethings got to give!
Although I knew it would come to this I found myself shocked and completely out of sorts for a while after. I feel like I have failed!

The reasons for selling?
It's just hard struggling with the children and I miss not being able to be there and enjoy them. We have very little time after school, with only one early day to get together with friends and enjoy ourselves. In the four years we only ever manage one week a year to go on holiday together as a family. The rest of the time we have to divide the time up to cover the school holidays or shipping them to Grandparents.
So I feel I am missing out on my own children - this isn't woe is me and all that - just a re-addressing of the balance.

What if we don't sell it?
Well we will have to have a look at getting people in and covering the afternoons and also the Saturdays. Or we scrap the ceramic painting side and open up a different sort of shop! Believe me we have gone round the houses with many ideas and even a list of names for it!
Someone can make a real go of it but I have lost my 'umph' with it.

Something else I'm thinking of doing is to try and sell my wares! Approaching local shops and maybe Etsy. I'm not very good at selling my stuff, I tried a few years ago and it is incredibly hard and the craft fairs are so expensive to hire a space that it doesn't warrant!
I generally make things for people I know and will give them away for Birthdays etc. Sometimes I'm so taken back that someone likes my things that I inevitably end up giving it to them or barely getting the money to cover the materials! The fact that someone likes it means more! Not good business sense there!
I think most people like what I make for them - and you can always tell those that don't! These are usually people who don't do 'homemade' stuff. They don't realise how much time and effort you have put in worrying about the choices of materials, the colours, even hunting stuff down! Occasionally, it's more that I love what I have made more!

Anyway that's me. I'm sorry I've blabbered on and if you've made it this far - good on you! Thank you for listening.


Angelfruit said...


Have you ever thought about tying in the ceramics with other things? I know that our park rangers do lots of environmental things with kids at the weekends and in the holidays. We have been approached lots of times by people that want to have a 'stall' of some description. Whilst these don't always work out - kids sometimes like to be able to give their mums or dads something they've made - we get approached a lot by because that's where I list our park activities.

D x

PS You are not a failure for putting it on the market. You are a success for having tried it and made a decision to do something else x

Ginny said...

Things evolve and move on and the bravest thing is accepting this and knowing when it is time for a change. Having co run a creative business myself for 7 years with a studio space and loads of overheads that tie you to keeping on the rolercoaster, 2008 brought our descision to jump off, loose the overheads thus freeing us up big time. Our children grow up so quickly and i so understand your decision to readdress the balance. You are so not a failiure but someone who sees that life changes and you are taking control of your own life. Good on you, i am sure it will make you feel much happier. Hope that 2009 brings all good things for you and your family x

Macpurp said...

you are in no way a and M went through so much to have your precious boys...
2009 is a new year and a new set of challenges for you.
I have no idea what it will bring me....I have many hopes for both of us xxxx

periwinkle said...

I hope everything turns out for the best - wishing you luck
lisa x

Adrienne said...

Wow! What changes you are facing. I can only imagine how much thought (and tears) you have put into this. Good for you for doing what you feel is best for you all.

Can't wait to see what crafty things you come up with in the new year!

two hippos said...

I can really understand the difficulty in selling, I am a trained milliner and I rather liked people coming to me but that then requires them knowing where to come. And much smaller income, but I am sure you will find the right solution for you. Wishing you a very happy new 2009!

Garden Girl said...

Hey sweetness- the stuff you make is fabulous- I cherish the mug you made me and am very territorial about it!! you are very talented, and also a very special Mummy. The boys will be proud of you whatever happens with CB.
Have a lovely happy year and thankyou so much for the beutiful christmas

Pinkie Cupcake said...

You are in no way a failure - you have achieved so much and now it's perhaps time to move on. Been thinking so much about term-time only work after our chat yesterday and thought of a few things so I will email you now! But don't worry, it will all turn out fine.

Lots of Love xxx

Claudette said...

You have one of the best creative eyes I know and I love all of your work - especially your sense of colour and perspective.

While CB may evolve into something different, that's not necessarily a bad thing; just a different thing. We all just have to do what we know and what we know is right for our own family.

And if you ever start selling on Etsy let me know - I really want a couple of the crocheted flower brocches - they are beautiful! Can you make a handbag like that??

Happy New Year and best wishes to you, M, F&T.