Monday, 2 March 2009

ch ch changes

It was my Birthday this week - where did that year go? And the last few days have been obviously celebrating in my quiet way!
On my Birthday we spent the evening at home just with my parents and a fish pie dinner after a usual day at work. Friday evening M. and I went out to our local restaurant, Applebee's, where I had crab fishcake and tuna steak - both really lovely! After a glass of champagne and a bottle of wine (shared!) I was feeling quite tipsy - how unlike me!!!
I was given some lovely presents, a heart shaped wire board for all my inspirational bits, a little bird, a beautiful mirror, craft books and a lovely 40's style jacket. Oh and a very nice little camera!

I bought myself some bright coloured yarn from Ebay - a bargain actually! A nice change to all this greyness! Not sure what to do with it yet tho but it's very fine!

My knitting is coming along too. The tank top (is that a good word?) is up to the tricky bit of the 'V' on the front, back is all done. So I'm hoping to get it finished this week.

It's knitting night tonight at Wanstead House. I am going armed ready with my 4 x 4 gauge needles and sock yarn - Yep, I'm going in there!! I hope I can do it and pinning all my hopes on poor Jenny the teacher to teach me - socks were big on the learning list for everyone else too!
I shall report back with hopefully a started sock!
Our household has been busy with a lot of changes these last few weeks.
After almost a year of campaigning for separate bedrooms F+T have finally got them! I still haven't really got used to it. Every night I am always caught out that their old room is now empty - the door is now open when I go to bed and I always think - oh they are awake or something!
They both have loft beds - which are super high and make bed making impossible for me! They are still growing into their rooms and there is lots of empty bits - it won't take long to fill I know!
T's room

F's room
So pleased are they with their new rooms that F has made these to stop people getting in....... with words of warning 'you need to know the code' or ' I'm changing my code then you can't come in' the latter is usually bellowed to each other!


Things Hand Made said...

Hope you had a nice birthday.

Macpurp said...

Happy Birthday Darl, I am so sorry that I still haven't got your card posted, I am been poorly.
will get it sorted.
F & T are growing up so fast!
Love their rooms!

love Teen xx

angelfruit said...

How great are the boys rooms? So glad you had a great time for your birthday. lots of love xxx