Monday, 23 March 2009

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to you!
I had a lovely morning of mooching around Brick Lane. We hadn't been for years and lots has changed. There are far less junk stalls and lots more shops. A real mix of stuff. Beautiful little shops selling amazing things like these log bowls.
After Brick Lane we headed for lunch at Browns in Islington - very nice fish and chips I had and a couple of glasses of Rose!
When in Islington you cannot fail to go to 2 shops!
The first is always to check out Criterion Auction Rooms - just good for a look and to coo over some finds.
The second is of course Loop! If only to stroke and coo some more!
I did buy some yarn but I was thrifty and bought some strange matt yarn called GGH Safari in bright red, pink, peachy orange and a mole brown that was in the sale basket. I think they will look good crocheted and I'm thinking of doing lots of flowers and putting them together as a scarf.
Way down the list tho!
While we were in Loop a lady had bought some hanks of yarn that needed winding into balls. This kept 2 little boys entertained!!
Oh and a third shop is of course Waterstones - my reading pile is replenished!