Tuesday, 3 March 2009

round + round we go, where to stop I don't know!

I'm quite excited about this if a little horrified too!
Armed with the tiniest needles I have ever used I went along to my knitting course last night.
We were all learning socks - only a few of us were complete novices! I actually understand it but what got me was the shear scale and all those needles! I have to admit I struggled - not with the knitting side just with where to put the needles not in use! I came home, got a large glass of wine, sat myself down and sorted it out - I have got them under wraps now and click clacking away.
I'm using a bamboo wool that is ombre'd - those first few tricky rows are in blue - annoyingly the same colour as the skirt I was wearing - which didn't help! It's exciting to work with wool like this as it's hard to know just what sort of pattern you are going to get at the end!


Macpurp said...

i am liking how it looks so far!!!


Pinkie Cupcake said...

Well done! I'm expecting a lesson when we come round next week ;-)

Shelagh C. in Houston said...

It does look realy good and I like the way it's "striping".

Another hint is to pull your yarn as tight as you can between needles to prevent the "ladder" effect up the sock.

Keep on knitting!