Thursday, 23 April 2009

an after school trip

With all this lovely weather we decided to ignore the homework and head off to the tiny library through the forest!
Now you are probably thinking I have gone slightly mad!
Honest the tiny library does exist - I just forgot to photograph it!
We returned our late books (oops) and left with a small armful.

over the stream!

through the forest

past the swan on the lake

a new family

a little glade of bluebells

back to the speedy road

A strange picture that makes my feet look tiny!
They are not!


two hippos said...

How wonderful to have a small library in the woods, an adventure story on its own! The walk to our local library is just not that much fun.

Things Hand Made said...

I bet that is so refreshing to have that to wlak through for such an ordinary job as the library.

periwinkle said...

I think I'd go through the woods every time. We saw 13 swans on a lake today , so graceful
lisa x