Thursday, 23 July 2009

muddy feet

After our fantastic weekend at Latitude there is nothing like home for your first shower in 3 days!
This was our first ever music festival and we loved it.
Yes, we could have queued for the showers but we didn't.
Yes, the toilets were awful but could have been worse and anyway needs must.
Yes, we slept despite the tents being on top of each other.
The weather could have been better - sunshine and showers like everywhere else!
We wore flowers in our hair, wore funky hats, ate great food, drank lager and smuggled red wine in our flasks!

We saw some fantastic puppet theatres, listened to comedy and sat in the literary tent listening to Kate Williams, Simon Goddard, Sir Peter Blake and Frank Skinner. There was ballet, hip hop, classical music and lots of craft making for F+T too.
The music was pretty good too, Pet Shop Boys, Doves, Ladyhawke, Regina Spektor, Pretenders and Lisa Hannigan - all brilliant. However Grace Jones was pants. She was 20 minutes late on set and after every song she had a head gear change whilst chatting to us off stage - as Frank Skinner said ' she's as mad as a stick!'. Sadly, I didn't get to see Nick Cave - we had to leave but we vowed to arrange time off better next year!
Yes, we will be returning!


periwinkle said...

i miss festivals , including the rain and the mud --- glad you all had fun

Anonymous said...

Love the blog!!!

Pet Shop Boys??? Now *there's* a band I haven't heard of in long time! Are they still together?? They were fantastic, and then suddenly they just disappeard over here across the pond. Now I'll be singing "east end boys and west end girls" in my head for the rest of the day!