Tuesday, 14 July 2009

whats been going on?

So much is going on that once again moss stitch is neglected.
F+T have now broken up from school so we are in for a long 8 weeks of holiday were I aim to get them to keep a diary, maths sheets (both set by the school!) piano practise, handwriting, spelling...
8 weeks is a long time to do nothing so a little every now and then, I think, is enough to keep our hand in!
Some things that have happened or about to happen and that have kept me away...
  • piano exams (no results yet)
  • attending various school activities (Years 4's Got Talent by far the best!)
  • schools out
  • trying to find a home for a whole year of school work
  • music in the park (it rained - we got wet)
  • saying goodbye to our Saturday girl at work
  • getting everyones last minute teachers presents glazed and fired
  • moving out of bedroom
  • stripping said bedroom
  • being let down by plasterer
  • pondering on colour to paint the walls
  • discovering why F's head is itchy
  • spending hours with tiny comb and F moaning
  • itching alot (you are too eh?)
  • checking weather reports
  • preparing list for our first ever music festival at Latitude this weekend!
  • counting down to some time off!
What are you up to or looking forward to?

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Things Hand Made said...

don't mention icthy heads please, fingers crossed we make it through the term, only 2days left.