Monday, 14 September 2009

a crazy make

When our summer girl Alison said she was going as a hobbit, to her sisters fancy dress birthday party, I asked if she had hobbit feet. To me hobbits have to have the feet!
So in between customers we set to.
We covered her shoes in clingfilm and started layering them with papermache (torn newsprint and watery pva). Drying in between with a fan heater and even in the kiln as it cooled down!

We moulded the toes with pva sodden kitchen towel and as it dried I scored toenail shapes into them.
They were tricky for her to walk in as they didn't flex but I said it gave her a more 'hobbit look'!
We also made a map which we burnt the edges and tea stained, as well as a draw string pouch.
I loved it. Took me back to my old job... how I miss it.


Things Hand Made said...

Just what every hobbit needs! now what about the ears?!

two hippos said...

what a brilliant idea!