Wednesday, 2 September 2009

it's oh so quiet...

We stayed in Dunwich last week with friends and had a great time. Days on the beaches around us, evenings quaffing wine and watching the box set of Indiana Jones with the children then girlie movies when they went to bed! I finally finished the big crochet circular cushion and T's quilt. No photo's yet!
We went crabbing in Walberswick and caught over 60 crabs! (we lost count as the bucket tipped too quickly!) Aldeburgh was a grey day but we walked along the beach to the Scallop Shell and the boys had lots of fun clambering all over it.

Donned in their wetsuits F+T swam every day - brrr! Southwold was great as it had a sandy beach too so they built huge caverns and castles. I resisted in the Cath Kidston shop but not in the pie shop! I did buy something I've been meaning to buy - a windbreaker! Very happy - although one windy day it was a nightmare getting it up and I wondering if I had done the right thing! Thinking of replacing the plastic fabric with something more desirable though!
Another great place we went to was the Long Shop Museum in Leiston. I loved the colours in there and we spent ages doing the trail, brass rubbings and puzzles.

My little men are away with Grandma this week and the place is so very quiet.
Just me and my thoughts!
The summer holidays are coming to an end and I'm sad that they are. It has felt a long time but in a good way. F+T go back to school on Tuesday - sigh. The whole school routine once more - just hope I can remember it all!

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two hippos said...

What bliss to be by the sea and running wild!