Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Who turned the heating off?

Isn't it cold but lovely! I love the cold, I love the snow and the frosty mornings. With a bit of luck Christmas this year will have proper weather! No rain please, nice frosty bright days - snow would be lovely.
Well like most of you, we have our Christmas decs up. Every year the house turns into a forest, with many trees! F+T have various trees (2 in each of their bedrooms!) We have a little one in the kitchen and a real one - this time in the hall. The real one is mine - no-one is allowed to
decorate it but me - I don't trust them!
We also have a few advents. I made a felt pocket one when F+T were very little. It's a little worn now and I'm thinking of remaking it - obviously better. We also have a Playmobil one too with a woodland theme.

We bought our tree from Columbia road flower market. Quite simply the best market in the world, such great shops.
M and I had a shopping day while F+T were at school. With the wonder of internet shopping our day wasn't too taxing, so we were able to have a leisurely lunch at Carluccio's. With a few off the track moments for me!

I made these little crochet birds that Lucy over at Attic24 has a tutorial for. Aren't they cute? I made their wings out of felt instead of crocheting them. They each take on a little character of their own once you add the eyes, beaks and legs!

Hope you are enjoying the wind down to Christmas - well I say wind down but in fact it is more a frenzy of school carol services, assembly, raffle, blah, blah, blah!
Anyway hope it's all going well for you!

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periwinkle said...

i couldn't agree with you more about frost instead of rain , anything white as I really doubt we'll get snow , although snow would be great.. we have 3 trees too , the more the merrier i say lol