Wednesday, 28 April 2010

quiet for worrying reasons

Sorry, I've been very quiet due to some things happening in the Moss Stitch household.
Without going into too much detail, poor Ted has a very bad bout of anxiety. He says he's been suffering for a while but it all came out last week.
We have kept things normal around him but he isn't quite himself. With his 'worry' he stopped eating, sleeping and just kind of lost himself.

We tried to deal with it ourselves but when he started getting upset about going to school, I knew that I needed to speak to someone.
I chose a teacher at school!
The school have been brilliant and put into place things so that he can cope and it really has helped.
He is starting to eat again but getting off to sleep is still an issue and leaving him at school too.
The poor thing has suffered so much these past few weeks and I feel ashamed to have missed his anxiety. His skiing trip possibly tipped it over and a possibility of the start of puberty may also be part of his feelings - so not ready for that!

We have read and used two books that have been brilliant What to do when you worry too much and an Imagicare book called Smile! Both very easy reads and basic but have helped enormously.
I have no idea why he is feeling the way he does and, if I could, I would take it away. He is being a star and talking really does help.


Macpurp said...

poor wee man. HUGS to you all. it must be so difficult not knowing what will help him feel better. he is lucky to have you as a mummy.
love teen xx

Things Hand Made said...

((hugs)) to both of you. Its tough being a mum isn't it, not being able to pick them up, wrap them in cotton woll and pop him in your pocket till it all feels better.

periwinkle said...

ahhh bless him, hope he feels better soon.. big hugs