Sunday, 6 June 2010

half term

We spent our bank holiday camping in St Margarets Bay in Kent. The weather could have been better but we had a great time. The kids went off and all 4 of them soon become 6 as they made some new friends. We hardly saw them - only when the frisbee got stuck on the hedge and to play cricket.
Meals were basically BBQ and a cooked breakfast for 8 took time to cook! The drink flowed as did the toasting of marshmallows scooped into a jar of chocolate spread! We all tried to outdo each other with the biggest scoop of chocolate - the jar was polished off and looked a right mess with melted marshmallow mixed in.
There was even a spot of swimming in the sea - brrrr, it didn't last long as a huge wave knocked them off their feet sending them spinning and bumping underwater - they came out with grazes and bumped heads and in tears. It was quite funny but obviously not for those who received the bashing!!

We did some big walks along the white cliffs, finding some Geocaches along the way and also a bit of house hunting - cooing over some beautiful houses - checking them out online once we returned home, only dreaming of such a move!

I haven't had any time off this half term so F+T have had some Daddy time with huge bike rides and tennis playing. We have been looking after the school rabbit, Nibbles, who has such doe-y eyes and is a bit of a sweetie - but just don't touch any of her stuff as she will go for you!

And I finished this...

I did a little while ago but haven't had time to show.
Have been working on my quilt too but disaster struck. I sewed the last of the panels on - only to have miscalculated and do not have enough fabric - a strip of 40 x 10cm. How very annoying. More annoyingly the fabric seems to be discontinued and my frantic search online revealed that I could get it from America but the cost of postage outweighed the fabric - so I've come up with a cunning plan - although don't know if it will actually work yet as I haven't started.
Back to school on Tuesday, which means not long till the big summer holidays. It also means a busy term with school plays, sports days and various other events.


Macpurp said...

fab photos my dear. love your makes and cute Bunny!
love teen xx

Elizabeth Cat said...

I just found your lovely blog! You have so many interesting things here!

Things Hand Made said...

beautiful cushions. the bunny is lovely aswell but I would rather have the cushions! Fingers crossed for the quilt!

Things Hand Made said...

Ok so you're in on the trip to the Amalfi coast, meet at the airport and brings some totally impractical shoes!
Put pizza on the table and run out quick while they are all distarcted