Monday, 12 July 2010

the end is nigh...

This is the last week of term and it's a busy head on collision to severe and total wipeout.
In other words, there is much going on!
Tonight and tomorrow there is the school play, Alice in Wonderland. It starts at 7pm and I'm told a whopping two and a half hour production, with an interval!!
Ted is a frog (no picture of costume) and has an old towelling hooded poncho that has a frog printed on it. Frank is a fish. I was going to paint dye onto it to brighten it up but Frank wanted it as it was. They were only allowed two items to represent what they are - took a bit of coaxing to get Frank to wear the fish!

Then Wednesday the school has a presentation evening and the choir will be singing, again it starts at 7pm.
I'm thinking of pitching a tent on the green by their school with all this to-ing and fro-ing!
A couple of the teachers are leaving this term too, one will be sorely missed. So teacher presents need wrapping and cards are made but need writing.
Roll on 12pm Friday as it all ends for a glorious 7 weeks. Both children are definitely coming to the end of Year 5 and the break is needed. It's been pretty much full on, I just wonder what Year 6 will bring. I know at the start back in September it will all be about choosing secondary schools - now that scares the pants off me!

Like some other children we know, F+T made their fort to look like some awful murder had taken place.

Sadly I was at work, so didn't see their faces juiced up with cherry juice. I thought it strange that they were in the bath by 5pm!

I don't know what sort of game they were playing and didn't enquire - some things are best left that way!


The List Writer said...

Oh my word! Did they see the pictures of C & O's warpaint?? So gory!

two hippos said...

Ah, summer holidays! We broke up last week and just getting into the swing of things, hope your speech day will be shorter than ours - 3 hours long and I was the one fidgeting!

Things Hand Made said...

yes, secondary school, too frightening!
The fort, that is just what my 10 year old would do!

Macpurp said...

the fort looks fab!!!
cant wait to see more pics of the costumes please!!

they are growing up so fast!
much love teen xx