Friday, 27 August 2010

tying up loose ends...

This week was a week of getting on.
I spent, pretty much, a whole day sewing in the ends on the granny square blanket - it's still only half done and I have more of the border to crochet. Very slow and boring but kind of satisfying - although I was chatting, drinking copious cups of tea and coffee so wasn't exactly a WHOLE day and of course feeding 4 hungry children as well as ourselves.

I seem to have lost our beach blanket and seeing as we are heeding to Southwold tomorrow I decided to bind an old wool blanket with some funky fabric, sitting watching an old technicolour film, Marjorie Morningstar. F+T played police and robbers with their lego and the rain poured and poured outside. A lovely way to spend a pretty dark, wet day.

And look what is finally done! M came home to me tap, tapping the pins along the edge of the piano stool, much to the annoyance of F+T who were watching tv at the time.

We go away tomorrow for a week in Southwold, meeting up with some friends. I really hope the weather picks up and all this rain stops. I will also try to relax into this week and not let the stresses take over again.
I have packed my allotment quilt to start the task of quilting it - I have to so I can give Nancy her pins back!
Also some crochet, going to try the pattern out for the medallion throw, which I think just might be what will cover the footstool.

Where has the summer gone? Seven weeks have gone very quickly.


two hippos said...

have a wonderful time, the stool looks wonderful with its embroidered top!

Macpurp said...

what lovely makes!!! you are so clever Hun.

school hols over, boys ready to go back?

hugs and love Teen xx

Annemarie's Breiblog said...

Love your granny square blanket!

Dovely said...

do you have the pattern for that medallion throw? i've been searching for it!