Monday, 13 September 2010


I'm being very slack with my blog recently. It's just I don't have too much to say, things are a little funny still but all will be well - in time.F+T went back to school last week - that alone was a shock to everyone's system! Getting up so early, then the whole restricted times of day around school.
Not only that we are head first into evenings out looking at secondary schools. I am sorted for my first choice and we should get in, but there is that slight doubt in my mind. So I guess we are going to the opening evenings just to sort out 2nd, 3rd, 4th place - there isn't a 5th or 6th so I won't be putting our full 6 choices down.
It's quite a daunting process my Year 6 boys look so big at school now but come
this time next year they will be the smallest again. It's a bit like starting school all over again.
I'm trying not to scare them about the sudden vastness they are about to see, keeping very upbeat about it.
I didn't particularly like secondary school, I coped and got through as many probably do. We were the last year to finish there as the school was becoming a college. So many of the teachers scarped and we were left with supply teachers. That wasn't the end of it. It was also decided that they would try out GCSE's on us. Indeed, At 42 i have GCSE's and not the usual GSE/CSE that my age group usually
have - any future employer might doubt my credentials!!

We had a great week in Southwold the week before school started with Miss Cupcake. The boys spent the entire time in the sea while I taught Miss C how to crochet a blanket whilst trying not to go too red in the sun!


two hippos said...

Choosing a school is so difficult. My monster has just started year 10 and has one GCSE and has started all the dreaded coursework for the next batch. Fingers crossed you get your first choice.

Anonymous said...


mad about bags said...

good luck with your school open evenings, we too are looking this year and you're right although we should get our first choice, (daughter is already there and we are in catchment) i don't want to only put the one school so we are off to look at second choices!!! my daughter is now year 8 and settled in really well during her first year and sometimes the worries we have as parents don't worry the kids at all....

Macpurp said...

hope you get the school you want for the boys! they are so grown up looking. Fab photo's !

love teen xx