Wednesday, 17 November 2010


The Listwriter beat me to it but I too am going to go on about the Best Fabric Shop in the World Ever - Fabrics Galore. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it, nor creating lists in my head about which fabrics I will be buying on our next visit. This list also needs to coincide with a list of what to make.
I went with only two fabrics needed - yes indeed.
I came away with a mere three but it was very hard. You see it was all too much. I couldn't take it all in - there was so many possibilities. For the first twenty minutes all you could hear was 'oooh' 'ahhh'and tiny, weeny squeals of delight or was it amazement or just plain old excitement? while we ran around the shop in circles.

Probably all three.
We sat on the tube home planning the next visit, then on the list of future buys and makes. We had a coffee before we went into BFSITWEFG but have thought to fabric shop first, go for coffee then we can nip back if we have a brainwave for another fabric! We sat kicking ourselves not to have thought of long jersey snoods!
It's on the list!
These are my mere three fabrics. The tiny blue and orange sprig is a brushed cotton/flannel like fabric and incredibly soft. It's to back a beautiful quilt I bought in a charity shop but someone has zigged a polycotton sheet as a backing to it. I'm going to unpick it then add some wadding and back with the sprig fabric. The hexagons have been cut from brushed cotton fabrics which is why I was keen to use the same fabric although I was nearly swayed by the baby cords!!

The dark green spot (which hurts your eyes to look at by the metre will be used to bind the allotment quilt and the bright fabric is perfect for the circle quilt.
Wasn't I restrained?


The List Writer said...

You were SO restrained! Bet you won't be on our return visit though....

Jan said...

Oh how lovely ,bet you came back with alot more material in your head ,and numerous plans too Jan xx

two hippos said...

very restrained! I'm planning a trip this weekend and just love it, never knowing what wonders will be awaiting me.

Things Hand Made said...

You were very restrained! I do not have such willpower!