Monday, 22 November 2010

concrete cake anyone?

By concrete I don't mean rock hard. No. I mean concrete colour.

You see I've had a in the cupcake/colour department. I decided to make blue velvet cupcakes (just switching the red food colouring for blue) easy peasy.
No, it's not.
My long forgotten dyers self told me blue + the brown of the cocoa wouldn't give the colour I desired. You see it made grey - concrete grey. Now some colours are a big no, no when it comes to food - grey being pretty high on the list.

Maybe if I sprinkle them with glitter dust all will be well?

If you're passing through Wanstead in the next few days please do call in and try my wondrous Concrete Cakes.... no please do, I have 28 to get rid of!

During my baking disaster M left me in charge of 2 loaves of bread that were in the oven. M is very good indeed at bread making - no machinery used as he pooh poohs, such things . This is 'pot bread' No, it has no green leafy bits in that make you hallucination , it is merely baked in a flowerpot.
Why, you may ask, does it have something sticking out of it? Well, M follows Heston and his temperature theory. The inner temperature has to be just right - that means it is cooked just right. So maybe this is why I mucked up the cupcakes - I was busy stressing about inner temperatures of bread.

On a more successful cupcake note. I made Gingerbread cupcakes last week - they were lovely and didn't last long in this house!


Laurie Anne said...

They may look a little concretish but I bet they taste phenomenal :)

Wish I could pop in and try one! xo

periwinkle said...

sorry , but I think that's hilarious -- you might be starting a new trend ..

Things Hand Made said...

a new trend? instead of lovey dovey cakes, a cake that says what it means... a concrete cake! I am sure they are tasty, just with your eyes closed!

Blondee said...

Well, you could always do a 'Bob the Builder'-esque type theme with them....Bob always needs concrete! lol

two hippos said...

concrete cakes, perfect for any budding Bob the Builder! The gingerbread cakes look delicious and the tiny gingerbread sprinkles are perfect! Can I ask where you found them?

Laura Parkinson said...

Yes! Can I find out where you got the gingerbread recipe and the sprinkles too?!?! They're so cute.

I was impressed by how concrete like the cupcakes looked. Well done