Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Tis over..

Well the tree has more needles on the floor than it's branches. I'm dreading taking it down as one wrong move and it will shed the rest far and wide. I will be hoovering the darned things up all year... in fact for years to come as you know how they manage to hang around.
Christmas was spent at my brothers, who is normally off to sunnier climes at this time of year but decided this year he will not only be home but would host Christmas!

The last few days we have -

  • Had a hug rib of beef for Boxing Day and we are still living off it but then I could eat roast beef and horseradish sarnies forever!

  • Bought a crate of clementines from a local continental supermarket and have been working our way through them - love them when they have their leaves on, somehow says Christmas doesn't it?

  • Moo wore her snazzy jumper I made her.

  • F+T dared themselves to walk out on the frozen pond!

  • Received small, nonsense texts from my children - they now have mobile phones!
  • And I finally finished the crochet square blanket, I thought I'd run out of the cream wool but just about made it with a weeny bit of wool to spare. All I need to do is block it and weave in a few loose strands.

I need a new project. I'm not quite in the mood for finishing off the two quilts as they require a little more effort. I need a sofa project you see.
Hope you have had a great Christmas and Santa bought you some goodies!


gill said...

I love Moo's jumper!
I need a sofa project too!

periwinkle said...

As much as I love real trees I always go for the pretend ones , maybe because of the needles. Love the new doggie jumper - so what kind of project are you looking for - cushion cover to go with the lovely blankie maybe,

two hippos said...

I love little Moos jumper, perfect to keep out the cold!

Macpurp said...

I just love moo's coat!!!
Happy New Year to you all
all the best in 2011
Love Teen ^ co xx