Wednesday, 19 January 2011


It's Birthday time here. Frank and Ted are a big 11 years old. 11 feels like on the verge of bigger things. It means you are the oldest and biggest at your primary school but come September you will be back to the smallest in a much bigger, daunting place.

Happy Birthday to my boys... this is your year in pictures.

I have made a very special Devils Food Cake from Nigella's Kitchen book. It couldn't be any more chocolatey for my two - who above all love chocolate. They claim to have two stomachs, one just for puddings like this which of course is never full and there's always room for more!
I didn't split it between 2 tins as Nigella says to because I didn't have 2 tins that were spring loaded, just one bigger one! This cake is very runny and I thought it would just run out the bottom - it didn't - well it did a little but nothing to worry about.

So the cake isn't as deep as the picture but covered in heaps of chocolate sauce!
As I was on a roll I also made Guinness Gingerbread - oh my!


Things Hand Made said...

Happy birthday boys

periwinkle said...

Happy Birthday , save me some yummy cake :-)