Thursday, 24 February 2011

half term

I'm loving being at home during half term - I've missed so many over the years as it was busy during schools holidays at the shop. I only ever managed a couple of days off as we split the week up. But now long days stretch before us, no rush to get up and general pottering about goes on by everyone.
The week so far has been filled with:
  • Lego - the village is taking over.
  • Day out to Kew.
  • Baking - Frank has so far made red velvet whooping pies and triple choc chip cookies (most have been gobbled up by the jaunt to Kew.)
  • More baking planned by Ted who is desperate to try out his ninja cookie cutters.
  • Playing libraries.... yeah really!
  • Wiii - need I say more?
  • Various model building kits.
  • Oh and squabbling - their favourite past time of all.

The Kew outing was part of our Walk London, although I don't think we walked half as far as last week. By the end of the day C+T were practically walking and leaning on each other with tiredness. After all they had run circles and zig zagged around us the whole day - so perhaps they had done nearer 10 miles.

They had carried around rucksacks filled with only what 11 years old need on such a walk - C's being particularly impressive - cow bells?!
What to do on busy tube home with a tape measure - why, measure your nose...

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two hippos said...

the cakes sound delicious, we are going to see how to make them tomorrow at fortnum's.