Friday, 18 February 2011

Kings Cross to Mile End walk

This weeks walk was a whopper - practically 10 miles.
It was a great walk starting from Kings Cross down to Coram Fields. Here we stopped off at the Foundling Museum to see the exhibition Threads of Feeling.

It was quite a heart wrenching exhibition about abandoned children, some only a day old. The child was usually left with some form of token that would identify their child if or when the parent came back to reclaim their child. This rarely happened though. The token left came in many forms - coins, tiny cravings, ribbons, pieces of cloth embroidered or just simply a piece of the clothing the child was wearing when left. This would be cut and added to their form which listed their name, age, clothing list and of course their number.

From here we continued down through Bloomsbury to Holborn and on to Aldwych.

We stopped off at the Twinings shop in Aldwych and bought lots of tea bags to try - I bought some single teabags for Frank as he likes to try them out, I'm a brown tea sort of girl so don't have much else in! He was a very happy boy indeed and made himself a cup of Lavender Earl Grey when he got home from school.

We hit the city and realised it was lunch time as the streets filled with suited people dashing about - felt a little out of place and almost touristy! We stopped for lunch in St Paul's rose garden which was very quiet and serene.

Hitting Aldgate the people in suits were replaced with everyday folk and students, very East End! Aldgate runs into Whitechapel and we walked along through Whitechapel market with all the bright colours of sari's and fruit and veg. We dared to venture in to one of the sari shops and cooed over the beautiful clothing.

We continued on leaving the bustling market to a quieter Mile End and hopped back on the tube in time to pick the children up from school.

Our walks obviously have a lot of chatter between us and I always come away feeling a little more sorted in my world. We talk and talk about many different things but at the moment mostly about our directions in life. We may not always give advice to each other, but that's not what its about. Often just talking out loud about things actually helps you realise what you have to do and that some things we don't need to worry about quite as much as we thought. I also realise that I'm not going as mad as I think I am and that there are lots of Mothers out there with the same thoughts of wonder and confusion.
This is so nice to know!


gill said...

This is an exhibition I would love to see but realistically I probably shan't get there!! I have ordered the book from Amazon but at the moment no word on it!

Things Hand Made said...

wow, 10 miles and trip to a museum! exhausting. That exhibition has touched so many people. these childen are still having an effect long after they have lived their lives.

two hippos said...

What a great walk, I am planning on going to the foundling museum next week.

Macpurp said...

exhibition about abandoned children sounds amazing and very sad.
I am loving all the pictures from your walks.

Much love to you all

Teen & co xx