Friday, 11 February 2011

not at my best

This week seems to have flown by and it hasn't been the best of weeks.
  • I've had a bad cold that I can only describe as fatigue. Really, that's the only word for it. But I'm not the sort to lie down and let it take over but maybe I should just give in to it and then maybe it will go away.
  • I have filled cracks on the stairs with the wrong sort of filler - the one that's unpaintable - had to start again and then painted them.
  • Waited in for the carpet fitter to precut a piece so the edges can be whipped, this is being fitted next Friday. So that will be another home day as they are very vague on their timings and always seem to turn up at the latest time given, it would be sods law that they turn up earlier had I not been there!
  • Made valentines bunting for the schools Valentine Disco. Cut out loads of card hearts and using the sewing machine sewed them into bunting. Also made heart mobiles - have paper cuts - ouch.
  • Locked myself out of the house and had to hunt down my Mother for the keys, who was out with her mobile switched off. Must get more keys cut and spread them about.
  • Bought myself some flowers to cheer the week up, had to be yellow. I love yellow.
  • Started some chunky crochet - its so quick. This pattern is called Ringo.

No walk to report on this week as we have both been busy with one thing and another and I'm not sure I would have got very far with the fatigue cold. Next week is a busy week, including a much needed walk, so I will be looking forward to my stay at home on Friday after all.
Have a happy weekend.


Things Hand Made said...

That scarf looks great, I have book marked it. hope next week is better.

two hippos said...

Do hope your feeling so much better this weekend.

Macpurp said...

feel all better soon my lovely!
what are you going to make with your chunky crochet?
love teen xx