Friday, 4 February 2011

threads that make you huff

I was asked what I'd like for my birthday by my Mum. I had a think and what I really wanted was some bright sewing threads. I have quite a big collection but only what I have collected over the years so we had a day out to choose my own.

First of all we went to Kleins, I've never been there before and it's a tiny shop but full of lovely braids and bits. I found a shelf of knicker elastic with little picot edging in gorgeous colours but resisted buying as I had nothing to make with - but I know where it is if ever I need it.

Round the corner was Cloth House. Flippin' heck - I could have bought many, many things but again I resisted as I'm trying to buy only when I have a purpose for it. They had gorgeous block printed cottons (under the table in the picture) that I am thinking I must return for and make into some floaty summer tops or even wrap skirts... maybe layered. Endless possibilities.

The Cloth House window display.

Next up was McCulloch and Wallis, an old haunt so I knew I'd get what I was after. And I did.

A couple of the threads I got were Topstitch thread. I've never used this type of thread before and gave it a go on something I'm working on. I love the result but a third of the way round, the thread kept shredding in the needle.
I tried everything, changed the needle, looked at the tension, changed the bobbin. I felt the needle eye was a little small for this thread and so decided this was the reason. I bought some Topstitch machine needles online that had larger eyes for the thread and when they arrived set about finishing my sewing off.

No, the same thing happened!
I tested on a 2 layers of scrap cotton - it worked fine. Repositioned my piece (which is 2 pieces of cotton and a layer of wadding) and it shredded... there was a lot of huffing, tutting and muttered swearing. How can it be the wadding? Topstitch thread is surely made to go through far thicker fabrics than what I was using and it was by Gutermann so a good brand.
I still don't know, after a few goes, I got sufficient amount of lengths sewn but feel slightly disheartened by it.


The List Writer said...

I've been rummaging on the internet, and there are a couple of sites that recommend topstitch thread on top and regular sew all thread in the bobbin. You could try that?

I daren't go near Cloth House again until I get a job - love that shop.

two hippos said...

what a lovely day, I just love the cloth shop - unique!

Macpurp said...

oh dear, have no suggestion about threads sorry.
love all the pictures though!

love teen xx