Tuesday, 26 April 2011

some things we got up to...

The children went back to school today - what a difference 3 weeks make! We came back to the grass on the Green overgrown, all the horse chestnut trees out and flowering - lovely!
It was however freezing! I did wonder if it was that cold most mornings but as we hadn't ventured out so bloomin early we hadn't noticed!!

Broadstairs was lovely and we had the best weather - I managed to get a rather embarrassing sunburnt sunglasses/panda look and even worse mary jane style croc shoe sunburn! Have been furiously sugar scrubbing them to even out the stripes.

I ordered loads of books from the library, one of them was Ruth Singers Eco Sewing Book. I had completely forgotten that I had done some pattern testing for her until, while lounging over the holidays, I realised these patterns were familiar!

Cushion cover using a shrunken and felted slashed jumper with an old shirt for the backing and back.

Layers of cut circle fabric folded and sewn on.

It was also a lovely surprise to see my name in the acknowledgements!

I'm making this shrug for my brothers wedding in June. The wedding is on a small island off Stockholm and of course the weather can't be guaranteed - the evenings can get really chilly though so I thought this would be perfect. I've been crocheting madly, even though I know I've got loads of time to complete it. I bought some lovely Rowan Cocoon in a silver grey colour called Alpine. I thought 5 x 100g balls should do it - ha! I'm halfway through my 3rd ball and it only measures 17cm (I did start with 150 stitches but still!) Going to need the same amount again which will make this shrug quite pricey - must not shrink it and wear it lots!

We had a trip out to Liverpool Street with my brother for a suit measurement. F+T were bored but sat quietly with their Ipod Touch while we looked at fabrics and discussed the angle of pockets etc! It was good fun! Just down the road from the tailors I found Dennis Sever's amazing house - I definitely want to go!

After a few years of moaning I finally persuaded M to move the bookcase - it took a lot of effort, a trip to IKEA and some planning to get it to fit around the door (which is not straight!) There are still a few doors to add to hide boring files but it looks much better. The piano was heaved around the room but ended up back to pretty much where it was.

Even the Lego had a move - which always prompts some playing and long discussions about the set up!


Macpurp said...

ooooh look at all your books!!!!

great makes, the book cover was fab!

love to you & yours
Teen xx

Louise@StrandDesigns said...

Gill I love your blogs! The photos are always amazing, can I ask you to blog about your camera and show us a pic of it please ?!

Love as always