Tuesday, 24 May 2011

They say

They say that dog owners look like their pets or is it that pets look like their owners?
Moo had her haircut today, she has regular haircuts every 8 weeks - far, far better kept than my own.
Today when I picked her up she looked very neat and walking her back to the car I noticed people smiling at her... or was it?

I had a thought, that maybe that old saying is true indeed.


Macpurp said...

I say Andrew acts like Poppy, a flirt who easily goes in the huff! And Bella is more like me, gets into all sorts of trouble and won;t back down! LOL

love this photo!!!

hugs to you all
Teen xxxx

Nina said...

Bless!! That's a lovely picture! I hope no one thinks I look like Bruno, or behave like him for that matter!!!! Teeheehee x