Friday, 27 May 2011

A walk round the Isle of Dogs

We had an almost 'closure' to our River Walks today as we have almost joined up the last few months walks. It feels a little sad as we have both thoroughly enjoyed walking by the water and finding little beaches, sometimes sandy, pebbly, made of metal, bones and all sorts.

I think there will be times when we revisit parts of the walk where the best of these beaches are and keeping in mind the tide at all times.

Today the tide was high and on the turn so we were able to explore the beaches safely!

It was an odd walk that was full of buildings which were mostly soulless and unconnected to each other. There are very few original buildings left along the stretch we walked and it felt empty and lacked any such homely feel and most of all it lacked people. We hardly saw anyone.

We often commented that the newer buildings had such small windows and yet such a wonderful view, with huge amounts of brick wall. A lot of this was gated with signs that made us feel unwelcome and also stopped us walking along the Thames.

We set off from Limehouse and followed the huge curve down and back up to Blackwall. Canary Wharf is at the centre of the Isle of Dogs with its suited folk but we didn't see one of them, unlike many of our other walks.
We marched along looking across the Thames at the walk we'd done over the last few weeks reminiscing and pointing places out.

This Traffic Light Tree by Pierre Vivant stands on a roundabout, it must confuse so many motorists!

We're not sure what the next walk will be but probably the very small link missed between Blackwall and Silvertown just to really finish the part off.
I love watching Eastenders - not a massive fan mind, I can miss episodes! During the title sequence I map our progress on the walks we have done so far... it's quite pleasing.


Jan said...

I do hope you find some more walks to share, I have so enjoyed these adventures with you Jan xx

Jo @ a life in lists said...

I look forward to seeing what you two come up with next for your walking adventures - I am loving rediscovering London through your walks.