Sunday, 3 July 2011


It was F+T's Year 6 leavers party on Friday and they had a great time!
I was pleased everything came together although there was a near disaster when the surf simulator kept blowing the fuse! I was panicking as this was the main event!!
Luckily surf man Pete had more extensions and we ran it to a different part of the building which to my huge relief worked.

The kids loved it and everyone had a go, even Mr Ireland!
They were dressed in grass skirts and leis, drank lemonade and coke with umbrellas in, ate pizzas and fruit kebabs dipped into the chocolate fountain and bowls of marshmallow fluff.
We had a Mum doing henna tattoos, some of the kids - F included, had huge ones running from fingertips to elbows!!

Another Mum made a great desert island cake with blue jelly sea filled with jelly sharks, starfish and turtles.

It's going to be a tough and emotional last week of school with plays to watch, leavers assembly to attend(which I've been informed to have hankies at the ready) and an awards evening. But roll on 12pm Friday - we will have a nice long summer holiday... September seems very far away, doesn't it?

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