Wednesday, 24 August 2011

down memory lane

For a good many years I worked at Cosprop in Camden. I totally loved my job - it really was the best EVER. I look back with many fond memories and yes there were a few headaches along the way, mostly from prima donna designers.
I spent a lot of my free time and after work drinks in Camden and knew it well but a lot has changed now. There are far more chain shops around and the market itself has had a huge injection of money and been tarted up.

The old Stable Market is unrecognisable it has quite a lot of gigantic bronze horses everywhere reminding everyone it was once a horse hospital, looking after horses who pulled the barges along the London canals.

It looks good tho, although sadly the stalls/shops are a bit repetitive and there wasn't as much individuality going on as there used to be. But hidden away (maybe for a reason) there was a shop selling fur coats, wraps, stoles and hats. It felt wrong but I couldn't help but look and touch!

These were the sort of shops I was hoping to see! With mad looking dolls wearing specs...

Photo's of the Queen...

Lunch was in an old haunt, The Hawley Arms. It was once a it of a dive but much nicer now and with a great bar menu. Although anyone selling Pieminister pies and fish finger sandwiches with a proper glass of ale is top in my books!

You don't get your pints in glasses like these any more.


Nina said...

Loving the crazy doll with glasses!!! And the pub grub sounds fab! :o) xx

Macpurp said...

oh no! The crazy doll creeped me out big time! *shuddres*
I love looking at your photos as always. The bronze horses are amazing!

love teen xx

Jan said...

Thankyou for taking me with you on your trip down memory lane ,great pic of the barge I love them ,how lovely to have the bronze horses as a memory to the hard working horse Jan xx

periwinkle said...

When I was a nanny in London I often used to go to Camden on a weekends. I went back a couple of months ago and agree it had changed a lot - I never saw those bronze horses though - pity