Wednesday, 3 August 2011

no more hoarding

Since being home and fully restored from our holidays there has been lots of clearing in the house.
When I've been away for a while I often come home and see it for how it is - too much 'stuff' to much 'hoarding' going on.
The garage has been on my list for ages but its a daunting task.
The garage is also in need of repair - re-felting the roof, new garage doors and maybe some of it sectioned off and made into a work room come summer room. The sun is at the end of the garden in the evening and so we thought of replacing the window with some french doors and having a bench or my dream would be a swinging sofa outside... veranda style! Soft comfy and good for lounging!

So everything was dragged out and sorted into piles.
  • Keeping pile - camping, garden etc
  • Rubbish pile - which was later sorted into recycling piles as its hard to turn up at the dump with random stuff.
  • Carboot pile - there are F+T's booster seats x 4! outgrown bikes and various other bits. The children are excited to do one especially as I've said they can share any money made!
  • Things for Ebay.

There was a pile of stuff from the shop too and this has finally been put into order although I had brought back loads of bits that in the end I just got rid of.

By the end of the day the shelving had been put to much better use and things sorted a little better. Once the work is done it will no doubt get a second round and I must get that stuff to the carboot!
We all enjoyed sitting out with a much deserved beer afterwards and Moo showed us her new look!

It didn't end there either! Both F+T had a blitz on their rooms too - boy do the hoard stuff. I let them do the first stage and they willingly got rid of lots which surprised me. BUT there was more needed to be done and that's were I came in!
I heard Ted tell Frank to be careful as Mama's in a throwing out mood - and yes I was!


Nina said...

LOVE the picture of Moo!!! Sounds like we've all been in a throwing out mood!!! xx

periwinkle said...

Your garage is massive , I think you could live in there .. Good on you for the throw out , my hub stores everything and it drives me barmy

Adrienne said...

ok - Moo made me laugh out loud - priceless!

I get in those 'pitching' moods too - they boys get a little worried and stand guard over their room - ha ha!

Things Hand Made said...

Oh yes, I know that mood! When it comes over me I have to keep going and trust I wont chuck out something useful!