Friday, 19 August 2011

some finishing

It's done!
It took a while but only because some days were too warm to crochet and yarn just doesn't flow through the fingers! Saying that I did do some on the beach while on holiday!

It was very easy pattern to follow and mine is bigger than in the book - I decided I quite possibly wouldn't wear it as a small shawl and seeing as I had the yarn I kept going for a bit longer. The pictures don't do the colour justice, it is more green but still in the aqua shades.

I made these simple baby hats as there are a few little ones being born in desperate need of a cosy hooky hat! The red one started out being a strawberry but I don't think it looks like one as it needs some flecks and not a rounded green top. Then I thought maybe an apple but while photographing it I thought it looked more tomato-y! Not sure how 'tomato head' will go down so will say nothing!

I love the colours on this one but it too reminds me of a vegetable ( a gourd or maybe an artichoke?!).
I didn't follow any pattern, just made them up but I have no idea how small a baby's head is but I think these will be ok for the autumn onwards. They are great for using up left over yarn too or yarn for some ridiculous notion was bought and now sits in the stash unloved. I want to add buttons to the flowers but worry about them being pulled off by little fingers and swallowed.
So now that I've completed the lacy shawl, what next?
A quilt has been a long time beckoning me but I can't decide what one. I want to do a complicated one but then I have so many ideas about lots of different things like smocking. Hmm, maybe I should just start and go from there.

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Nina said...

Shawl looks so snuggly!! And those adorable little hats!!! They'd go down a treat on Etsy! x