Saturday, 24 September 2011

Market Walks *Bermondsey*

Our walk this week took us to Bermondsey Market. We'd skirted this area doing the Thames path walk and it's a lovely area with some pretty beautiful buildings. The hustle and bustle of London Bridge station and Tooley street soon turned calmer once we got onto Bermondsey street. It was a busy road with lots of little offices, shops and cafes. We also noticed that it was constantly full of delivery vans... many white van drivers!

We stumbled upon the London Glassblowing workshop which used to be in Rotherhithe, we were too early in the day to see anything in action as they were just getting started. 

old sign outside a pub
 Once at the market we were surprised at how small the market was. I'd been before many, many years ago and remembered it a little bigger and fuller. Not that it mattered as we somehow spent a few hours bending over the tables cooing and pointing things out. My back and neck felt it a little after!

There was a lot of silver at the market which I'm not that keen to own but it's lovely to look at with some crazy things, we had to ask a few times what things were.

 These thimbles in their boxes were beautiful, some were well used and had worn away.
somebody's sausage fingers didn't fit any ~ she moaned! ~ mind you I only managed to fit one! 

We have decided to incorporate a cafe during our market walks - greasy spoon kind not the chichi kind. For a bargain price of £1.20 each we had a mug of tea and two slices of toast. Although Al (we think) muttered and pointed to his watch about it being lunchtime but it was hardly busy and once revived we didn't hang about.

Back towards the station the Shard came into view down a side street. Many of our walks have been in the shadow of it and we have seen it from most sides... I think but hard to tell!

At the market I picked up 2 beautiful engraved knives with bone handles for a measly £1 each. We use bone handles knives every day that M's mother gave us, one is always on the breadboard for buttering so I think one of these will replace it.


I gave them a good clean with soapy water but had to resort to silver cleaner for the blades. They have come up beautiful, I'd love to know where and who they came from.


Nina said...

they're beautiful and what a bargain!!

The List Writer said...

So sad about my sausage fingers and the insanely small thimbles!