Tuesday, 13 September 2011

rethinking energy

I've been giving a lot of thought on how to reduce our bills this year. The electric and gas bills are going up and I think it's time to cut back. 
Being around at home more has allowed me to hang washing out far more than I used to and grab those drying few hours before the heavens open. We've had a few mad dashes out to save it!

I have a clothes horse but not a great one that I can get lots on. So today I bought a new and bigger model that will hold lots more. Trouble is I hate seeing the clothes horse full of drying in the house but to save using the tumble dryer its well worth it and I'll just have to get over it!
Then there are the light bulbs. How I hate the light that those new eco light bulbs give - I need to research into it but we should change over as they say you save up to 80% less energy and that can't be bad!

It's a tough time ahead. Being at home I try and not put the heating on at all but just sometimes I need to flick it on for an hour.
We must also try to close more doors and turn lights off, something we are incredibly bad at!

Nor have I been buying clothes as much - when shopping I think first if I really need it and will I wear it often. Also I've been going through my wardrobe and wearing stuff I seem to be 'saving'. What I'm saving these things for is unknown. I sometimes buy clothing off Ebay and have been very lucky and won some great stuff that is new and really cheap.

And then there's my stash of wool. I haven't bought any wool for ages, instead I have delved into my stash and used what I have.
I started another shawl from my Japanese crochet book using a gorgeous Kidsilk Haze yarn I have no idea what colour it is as both balls have lost their label. It crochets nice and lacy but its an absolute bugger if you need to rip back as it gets itself very tangled. Luckily I learnt quickly and got into the swing of the rows so as not to make mistakes!
I'm already thinking of Christmas and making lots of lacy shawls for everyone!

Better get a move on I guess!   


two hippos said...

I try to hang washing like you, but nothing beats warm fluffy towels. The shawl looks beautiful, fabulous colour.

Jo @ a life in lists said...

We don't have a tumble dryer, and I have to say it's great not to even have the temptation! I know I'd be yearning for warm fluffy clothes all the time if we had one.

Energy is the one area we're not so great on - I've started being really obsessive about turning lights/the radio off and am stacking cardigans and socks by the sofa as a first resort before putting the heating on.

Nina said...

I hate the clothes horses or maidens as we call them. They drive me crazy! But no tumble dryer here so what to do! x