Wednesday, 28 September 2011

used stash

This is so lightweight and soft and quite an easy pattern to follow. I just wish I had more lace weight yarn in my stash as the result is so nice. I really don't want to buy more as I need to use up so much!

This year quite a few people will be the lucky recipients of something crocheted for Christmas. It's one way to use up yarn bought on a whim but of course there's the fact I need no more scarves/hats/wrist warmers myself.

So that is what I shall be making from now on. I know its that word already but it will creep up and be upon us all too soon as September has just flown by!

I started a beret out of some lovely sock yarn, that was never going to become a pair of socks, but I hadn't followed the pattern quite right and also thought the hook could have been smaller but it was a bit too far in so I kept going. 
I decided I would do a second one switching to a smaller hook and following the pattern properly as my first one didn't spiral out from the centre as it should have as I wasn't placing the stitches right.
It is much better but has used up more yarn and now I've run out. and I have nothing in my stash to go with it. I'd even weighed the beret and what was left of the ball and it should have worked out!

I think I'll undo up to the turning of the first beret to finish the second, as that one is much nicer and hope that a bit of something turns up to complete the first.


Things Hand Made said...

Those colours on that beret are perfect. I know that we shouldnt be mentioning the time of year you are working towards but I can feel myself needing to start something for it!

Macpurp said...

i think that scarf is so beautiful! looks like lace.
hope you are all grand
love teen x