Friday, 14 October 2011


I got a little sidetracked from the list of things I have started and from those that really should have priority - the Christmas stuff.
In my stash I found some tweed yarn in a lovely colour - my guess is its Rowan but they don't have their wrapper. So I started another Japanese shawl from my book, but I don't think this will be for anyone but me as I can't imagine anyone else liking the colour!

I also did this hat for some friends who've just had their 3rd baby - Imogen. A beanie hat that I made up as I went along. I like the shift of changing stitch style to give a brim like affect and the slightly over big flower for a baby.

This enormous bit of crochet will be a pouffe, now this is a Christmas present and its growing quite quickly but at the same time swallows balls of wool. I've actually done most of the sides now but haven't photographed that bit of growth.

I started to follow a pattern off Ravelry but it wasn't working out and kept waffling which meant there was too many increases going on. So I started again this time following the basic circle pattern - the magic number in crochet for such things is 12, something I sometimes forget. I didn't question it when following the pattern when it told me to start with 7.  I also wanted to do it as a continuous round, spiralling so it was important to use markers!
I'm hoping I will be able to complete it in one by decreasing a circle for the base - not sure yet!
Anyway its working wonderfully so far but I must remember to stop at some point to get the stuffing in!

This was my homework from work... dry out the papermache faces that were taking way too long to dry! It took a whole day on a low setting!


Things Hand Made said...

That papier mache looks delicious, you must give me the recipe!

Nina said...

Love that hat!!!! so sweet! Where do you find the time to do all this????? x